Our Ventures

We believe impact-driven companies have the unique capacity to deliver unprecedented results in a financially self-sufficient and rapidly scalable way. Whether they are fundamentally rethinking product delivery, service systems or plastic packaging, all of our disruptive ventures have a reuse model at their core, skipping single-use plastic to help drive the market towards a new normal. Starting at the heart of the problem: Indonesia, world’s second largest point of plastic leakage.

These are the ventures that are closing the tap on plastic waste:


The reusable alternative to single-use plastic sachets in Indonesia’s warungs and waste banks


Indonesia’s first reusable cup service for coffee stores.


Water filters and reusable bottles for hotels & businesses.


An innovative new refill vending machine, enabling a convenient reusable lifestyle.


A reusable alternative to single-use detergent containers in Indonesia’s laundry stores.


Plastic free farm-to-fork e-commerce platform.


A one-stop learning and shopping platform that enables consumers to adopt zero waste lifestyles

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